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The Arizona Strip District in northwest Arizona is a remote and underdeveloped region, where you can leave civilization behind. From Mojave Desert lowlands to forested mountains, the Arizona Strip has something for everyone. Over 5,000 miles of unpaved and uncrowded roads are open to the public.

People ride mountain bikes for physical fitness, an opportunity to "get away from it all" or just for fun. Whatever your reason or ability, you're sure to find something to your liking on the Strip. You can ride a designated trail with known length and difficulty or head out on your own down a backcountry road.

Before you go out biking, please make sure to read about trail ethics.

(Trails are listed by difficulty)

The Dutchman Trail 9 mi. Easy Sunshine Side trial to Little Black mountain Petroglyph site.

The Sunshine Loop 8.5 mi. More Difficult Sunshine Short Rocky or sandy sections, some wash bottoms.

Arizona Trail 8 mi. More Difficult AZ/UT State line Begins on Kaibab Nat'l Forest and Extends north to Utah state line.

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